Last week

Last week was rough. It was sad and difficult to read about the events taking place in the world. People were shot and killed by cops. Cops, who were protecting people, were killed because of hate and anger. In south Sudan things are worsening. Innocent people in many countries are dying because of hate, greed, … More Last week

A Short Word

I work cross-culturally with friends in Uganda. I share life with people living in America but from Iraq, Iran, and Rwanda. I take classes with wonderful people from different countries such as Guam, Guatemala, Sudan, Cameroon, Zimbabwe, and Myanmar. We all have life stories and we may even have testimonies of how Jesus opened our … More A Short Word

Barriers in Education

Jazmen Draper Dr. Burch IS501 18 December 2015 Barriers in Education The focus of my research will be on children within the field of transformational development, specifically focusing on barriers that affect children’s education in the Majority world. I will first tell why this issue is important to me and lay a Theological foundation. To … More Barriers in Education

Social Inequality: Bringing Hope and Justice

Social Inequality: Bringing Hope and Justice to Mafubira IS505: Introduction to Advocacy and Justice Studies Jazmen Draper Word Count: 2,655 November 11, 2015 In this paper, I will argue that transformational development is possible in Mafubira, Uganda where adults and children live in material and spiritual poverty. Many children suffer from inadequate health care and … More Social Inequality: Bringing Hope and Justice

What are we up to in Mafubria, Uganda? May to Dec. 2016

December 2016 Someone asked if the building has been completed. The building that will serve as a clinic and children’s home, is still not complete. There is still work to do on the inside and some on the outside. We have been focusing on donations going to feed, house, clothe, and educate the children. We … More What are we up to in Mafubria, Uganda? May to Dec. 2016