Jesus has my vote

Brave people fought and died to defend our right to vote. Women such as Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucy Stone fought for woman’s right to vote. Martin Luther King Jr. was an amazing man of God who peacefully fought for civil rights and that cost him his life. For these amazing and brave people, I am thankful.

I keep reading that everyone should get out and vote. If someone doesn’t vote, they are taking voting for granted and disrespecting the people who fought for the right to vote. I can see where they are coming from however, I refuse to pick between Hillary and Trump.  Sure I could vote third party but in the end, my vote goes to Jesus. It doesn’t matter who wins because Jesus is in control. I can pray and put my trust in Him.

I refuse to choose between the lesser of two evils. Let’s be honest they both lie.

I refuse to pick someone just because they are republican or democrat.

I refuse to pick someone just because I’m obsessed with pro-life.

I refuse to pick between adults who lie and make racist comments and talk about grabbing women inappropriately.

People running for presidency should act like an adult and treat people with respect. Just because someone has money should not enable them to run for presidency. The way people respond to each other online and in person is appalling. Shouldn’t we be concerned with loving each other and working together? Working to make sure our votes go to people worth having the vote? What concerns me the most are Christians that are apart of the divisiveness and talking rudely to each other. We should be acting different than the world.  We (Christians) should be respectful, loving  others, welcoming the foreigners, caring for the orphans and widows (James 1:27).

If you feel like you should vote, then go for it. I’m so ready for this election to be over.


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